Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions we frequently get from our patients. Our counselors and staff are here to help, so don't hesitate to call us anytime.

Question: How much time off work/school do I need?

You should rest on the day of surgery and the day after. If needed, we will give you a discreet work excuse. 

Question: Will I go to sleep?
Most of our patients who choose IV sedation usually don't remember anything about the procedure.

Question: How long will I be there?
About 2 hours in our clinic.

Question: Is your doctor Board Certified?

Yes. All of our surgeons are Board Certified.

Question: Do I need someone to drive me?
If you choose IV sedation, you will need to bring a companion to drive you home. If you choose a local anesthetic, you can drive yourself home. 

Question: Do I need an appointment?

Yes. You can call for an appointment Monday through Friday 8-5 and Saturday 8-11am. The procedure can be scheduled any day except Sunday.

Question: Will I be in pain after the procedure? 

Most women are drowsy when they leave our office. If there is cramping afterwards, some women find all they need is Tylenol. We also give a prescription for pain pills.

Question: What are your fees?
Please click on Medical Abortion or Surgical Abortion to access Fees
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